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Visit us on-site at 3631 Ah Ho Pines Drive, Lakeside, AZ 85929. Directions are on our Home Page, or call us at 928-242-0553. You are welcome to drive through Rainbow Pines during normal business hours and check out the facilities, but please note that the Park Manager, Willie Folliott, is not on-site full-time, so it is best to contact him at 928.242.0553 for on-site appointments, space availability, reservations and additional information. 

Or contact us by email at

If you wish to contact us by mail, the business mailing address for Rainbow Pines RV Retreat is 2569 McNeill St., Lakeside, AZ 85929.

Rainbow Pines RV Retreat is owned and operated by Folliott Rainbow Pines, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company.


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